The WhatsApp Announced a new update within its functionality, mainly focused on improving the privacy that a user may have within the application.

Now, the instant messaging platform will have the option to hide you when viewing someone else’s status, which is part of the new functions of Stealth modeAvailable on both Android and iOS.


However, WhatsApp will let you do this in exchange for the other person knowing you’ve read their message, and automatically activating the double blue verification that many people use, according to Mexican outlet Mi Bolsillo.

To be able to activate this function, you must go to “Settings”, then go to “Account privacy” and in the section that says “Countries”, “Confirm reading” will appear. You can deactivate or activate it every time you want another user to confirm that you’ve seen their status, as well as when or want someone to know.

stealth mode
The WhatsApp

Previously, it announced that it would improve the privacy and data of all users who use WhatsApp, preventing even the same app from reading the messages you send or receive.