Hidden features that WhatsApp contains that many do not know about

Hidden features that WhatsApp contains that many do not know about

The WhatsApp application contains many hidden features that no one knows about, As the WhatsApp application is one of the most popular applications that have great popularity among a huge number of users around the world, achieving great spread in many countries of the world due to its ease of use, as it enables its users to exchange pictures between them, as well as videos, documents and various content through conversation with friends. It also contains many new features and features that dazzle users.

New WhatsApp additions

The WhatsApp application has recently added many features that many users of this application are looking for, and the most prominent of these additions are: – The feature of hiding you are online now and this is aimed at not disturbing and this feature is activated by following these following steps where (opening the WhatsApp application and then setting) Through the settings), and he worked to expand the base of conference calls.

The property of maintaining confidentiality and security

The company that produced the WhatsApp application has launched a new safe version that does not contain any viruses or problems that hinder the use of the application safely, as it helps users to protect their data and protect users from being banned, as well as the most important element of any application which is preserving privacy, and one of the features of this new version is separation The Internet is about the application so that it appears with your friends in an inactive manner and this enables you to browse videos, messages and cases in a hidden manner, and this copy also allows control of many multiple copies and this is in order to retrieve the copy in the event of changing the number as it is one of the most important things that this copy has added which is a mode A password for any conversation you want from within the chat.

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Steps to prevent the hacking of the WhatsApp account

If your account on WhatsApp has been stolen by someone you do not know, what you should quickly do is log out of all devices on which your WhatsApp is registered, and it is not sufficient to close the account from the browser only, and this is in order to prevent the thief from seeing your messages as soon as they arrive and then locking On the phone, then enable two-factor authentication and then lock the app by downloading the Applock app that allows locking apps.

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