HGC Women’s Team wins the derby from Klein Zwizzerland and follows the top of the First Division

Strafcornerspecialist van HGC, Giselle Ansley

HGC Penalty Corner Specialist, Gisele Ansley © Orange Pictures

WASSENAAR – Thanks to two penalty kicks used by Britain’s Gisele Ansley, HGC beat Klein Zwitterland 2-0. Wassenaar’s team climbed to third place in the main league by defeating the neighbors. HDM from The Hague also did a good job. Thanks to a goal from Tessa Klaisner three minutes before the end, the team beat Orange Red 1-0. In men, Hamad International Club lost and Little Switzerland tied

Women’s hockey:

HGC – Little Switzerland

Switzerland’s junior team in The Hague started their strength at Wassenaar and scored four penalty corners. They all got it wrong, after which HGC was allowed to try from the edge of the circuit. Specialist Ansley hit the spot on the spot and after ten minutes the home team advanced. After the exciting opening stage, the duel got a little exciting.

That changed around the 45th minute. After missing two penalties, Ansley made the most of the third goal. It meant a 2-0 lead. This lead is no longer in danger, which means that the plateau strait club has 13 points after six games.

  • 1-0 Gisele Anselli
  • 2-0 Gisele Anselli

HDM – orange-red

In a boring game, HDM won ahead of time with a blow from Clasener. As a result, the Hague team rose several places in the rankings and could be found in seventh place. After a difficult start, coach Ivar Knuche’s team went four matches unbeaten.

men’s hockey:

HGC – red orange

In the final minutes, HGC let the equalizer slip away at home. Orangi-Rud, the second seed in the league, scored 1-2 from a penalty kick by Jess van Merenbuyer in the 68th minute.

A little earlier, Kenta Tanaka missed a great opportunity for “Deer”. The Japanese pushed the ball past the enemy’s goal. HGC is fourth in the league with two other teams. At the end of the season, this place grants the right to play-off matches for the national title.

  • 1-0 Johnston
  • 1-1 Galima
  • 1-2 from Meirinborough

Rotterdam – Little Switzerland

Rotterdam and Klein Zwizerland did not score in a boring match. However, the point received by the Hague team after seventy minutes offers something positive. Due to the defeat of Pinoke and HGC, the little Switzerland moved up to fourth place in the competition.

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