Here’s what we know about the Delta-Plus variant –

Here's what we know about the Delta-Plus variant -

A new type of delta coronavirus variant has emerged around the world, raising questions and concerns. Here’s what we know so far: It looks worse than the delta variant, because it’s more contagious and more capable of undermining vaccines. But no real breakthroughs have been reported anywhere yet.

South Korea’s Disease Control and Prevention Agency said on Tuesday it had recorded at least two cases of the new Delta-Plus type of coronavirus. It is found in many other countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and India.

The variant was first identified in Europe in March Also known as B 1.617.2.1 from AY.1.

According to Public Health England in July, at least 39 confirmed cases of the Delta-Plus variant were found in England, along with six probable cases.

Last month, experts in India also described the variant as a cause for concern and warned that it appeared to be more portable than previous versions.

But the variant doesn’t really appear to have been hacked anywhere, the Washington Post wrote. Vigilance is advised, says the health minister in hard-hit India. “We’ve seen what’s happening to the Delta in India and how fast it’s spreading…why do we think the Delta-Plus variant would be any different?”

Bronn (nen): Washington Post

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