Here’s what awaits us at the Google Developer Conference

Here's what awaits us at the Google Developer Conference

After being canceled last year, this year’s Google Developers Conference will be held in digital format – and these are some of the big things the American giant is expected to announce.

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The year of the coronavirus is over, but virtual conferences are still here – and tomorrow (Tuesday) the annual Google Developers Conference – Google I / O 2021 – will begin in digital format for the second year in a row. Google announces a plan for this event, but we decided to dig a little more and find out what exciting things await us at the conference of the American giant.

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Android 12, now in detail

The next version of Google’s OS has already been rolled out in several developer releases, so that’s not a secret for those the conference targets. However, Google usually takes advantage of their developer conference to present the system in a state of complete exclusion, and to offer the great features that will be added with the new version also to the users themselves along with a chart of the time it arrives for our smartphones (if you have pixels or major devices) .

According to reports and leaks across the web, Google will introduce a new keyboard layout – Gboard – along with the option to group several alerts together, new tools, a redesigned lock screen, and a change in the way alerts are received. While using the device. The top menu will not know which apps you have received notifications from, it will only know the total number of notifications received.

Upgrades for Voice Assistant?

After the cancelation of I / O 2020, and although they have introduced some upgrades to their voice assistant – we might get some interesting updates and great upgrades to Google Assistant. Google recently announced that its voice assistant will use BERT – the company’s powerful AI model – to improve its understanding of context, but it hasn’t expanded much. We might get a demo, like the one they had with Duplex to book an appointment at the salon, where a new and interesting assistant upgrade will be introduced, and we might hear very well about promotions and new products when it comes to Google smart home products – if you can count on the post about I / O Voice Assistant 2021 at the Google Developer Blog.

Google ‘leaks’ its classic products | Screen capture

Google has leaked its own headphones

And if we really talk about the products, one of the expected announcements for us tomorrow could be a new pair of TWS headphones, already leaked – to Google’s suit – by the same company. Just two weeks ago, the official Android account tweeted (and deleted) a picture of Pixel Buds A – a new, lowered version of Pixel Buds – that includes a quick pairing feature that is very reminiscent of the ones in Airpods. Given that at the start of the month it was written in an official tweet that “they have arrived,” it makes perfect sense that Google hasn’t sat much on the new headphones and presented them at the company’s developer conference.

Google’s new watch? | Screen capture from John Prosser’s YouTube page

Will we finally see an Hour of Google?

According to reports, Google I / O 2021 is expected to bring with it an upgrade to Google’s smartwatch operating system – WearOS – which has not been widely adopted over the years. Recently, the system received a relatively big upgrade with the first app from Google – Gboard – which it came to. Given that Fitbit has been acquired by Google – which can significantly upgrade its smartwatch thanks to the knowledge and experience it has gained – it can also be seen at this year’s developer conference, the first Google watch, whose design was leaked last month by serial leaker John Proser and will Ostensibly called the Pixel Watch.

Google does Apple, perhaps

In recent months, it has been reported that Google is working on a chip of its own making that will be designed for its Pixel devices, just like the Apple A series, which will remove Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors from the flagships of the US giant. It’s very likely that we get a first look, and maybe an announcement about the chips entering its hardware – which will usually only come out later in the year in October.

Let’s say over and over again that everything depends on reports and leaks, so it’s very likely that some of these things won’t happen at all – maybe Google won’t show the headphones they leaked themselves, or their watchmaker is a fantasy they sold to the leak with a big mouth. everything is possible. As always, we will be here with all the interesting ads and news on the site, on our Facebook page and our Telegram group.

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