Here are the top 10 beach destinations for high net worth investors

Here are the top 10 beach destinations for high net worth investors

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Cancun and Daytona may attract spring vacationers and Waikiki, honeymooners, but which beaches around the world attract millions?

Hong Kong-based consultancy Nomad Capitalist has released its latest annual index of the best sandy spots that attract high net worth investors who aren’t necessarily looking forward to a vacation, but are actually putting their roots — and some cash — into the world’s sunniest climate: the 2021 Nomad Beach Index.

The company’s first such effort in two years – there was a Covid-related hiatus in 2020 – this year’s index includes a ranking of the world’s top 10 beach destinations.

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The beach destinations rated by the company are best suited for entrepreneurs, investors, stock brokers and other high net worth individuals looking to invest, relocate and/or obtain residency or citizenship. It collected data from more than 30 sources, each rated on a scale of 1 to 50 for beauty (30% of the index rating); Services, Taxes and Immigration (20% each); and safety (10%). Thirty-six beaches were ranked in total.

According to Nomad Capitalist, the Cayman Islands tops the list this year, thanks to its status as a Caribbean tax haven for investors who don’t want to deal with complex tax laws in other countries.

The company helps “seven-and-eight-figure entrepreneurs” [and] Investors who want a second home [or] You have a citizenship or residency in Plan B, or all of the above, [or] “The tax cuts are in some cases, although there are fewer this year,” said company founder Andrew Henderson. “With the pandemic, people just want to go somewhere else.”

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The NBI collects data from more than 30 sources to assign beauty scores, which make up 30% of the ratings; Services, Taxes and Immigration (20% each); and safety (10%). Here are the 24 best sites for 2021, ranked from 1 to 10 (including links):

  1. Cayman Islands
  2. Antigua in Barbuda
  3. Bahamas. Saint Kitts and Nevis (tie)
  4. Budva, Montenegro
  5. Algarve, Portugal; Vanuatu (tie)
  6. Crete, Greece; Mykonos, Greece; Cozumel, Mexico (tie)
  7. Langkawi, Malaysia; Santorini, Greece; Dominican Republic (tie)
  8. Dominica. Lucia Street Mauritius. Ambergris Caye, Blaise; Isla Colon, Panama (tie)
  9. Grenada
  10. Puerto Rico; Balearic Islands, Spain; Cebu, Philippines; Corn Islands, Nicaragua; Hvar, Croatia (tie)

Brun: The Nomadic Capitalist

Other Caribbean countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica and St. Lucia – along with the neighboring islands of the Bahamas – rank tenth near the United States and have a highly developed infrastructure and service sector in their ranking, according to Henderson.

“It’s also migration [policy]; How easy is it to get there? “.” You can go to Antigua [or] St Kitts and obtaining citizenship through investment in six or seven months.

“You are now a citizen and you can live there for as long as you want and enjoy the tax-free policy,” Henderson said. “I thought everyone should take that into account, except for the beach, which was nicer.”

However, investors who live abroad but retain US citizenship are still subject to US taxes, so some – like Henderson – have turned over their blue passports to fully enjoy the foreign tax regimes. But those who don’t want to go that route can head to Puerto Rico, which ranks 10th, along with locations in Croatia, the Philippines, Nicaragua and Spain.

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“If you’re German or British, you can just leave the system, keep your passport and go there,” he said. “For Americans, you’re looking for Puerto Ricans to hold your passport and still have great tax breaks.”

In fact, Puerto Rico is a convenient tax haven for US citizens. For example, eligible residents of the island are exempt from capital gains tax.

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