Herbert Dies, CEO of Volkswagen Group: “Formula 1 is developing very positively around the world”

CEO Volkswagen Group: "Formule 1 ontwikkelt zich wereldwijd uiterst positief"

It was announced on Monday that the Volkswagen Group has chosen to enter the first class of motorsport with Porsche and Audi in 2026. CEO Herbert Diess confirmed this in a YouTube broadcast.

Volkswagen has been courting Formula 1 for a while and it seemed only a matter of time before the green light was given. Porsche appears to be a little further along the way and a collaboration with Red Bull Racing appears to be the most obvious choice. It’s not entirely clear to Audi what it would look like. Talks with McLaren are ongoing, but the German brand will also be interested in a Sauber or Aston Martin, if the team from Woking is not the best option.

The biggest impact in Formula 1

Deiss explains why the Volkswagen Group chose Formula 1. “Formula 1 is developing very positively around the world. The marketing that is taking place there, in addition to Netflix, has led to a huge growth in the followers of Formula 1 in the US as well. Asia is growing significantly, as well Among the groups of young clients,” Diess punctually at. According to the CEO, it is thus a business deal. “If you do motorsport, you have to do Formula 1. And here the effect is greater,” he explains.


This would not be the first time that Porsche entered the world of Formula 1. In 1991 it supplied motorcycles to Futurk. Audi is new to Formula 1, but has WEC experience. The Red Bull Racing team boss spoke last month about entering the German brands. Christian Horner concluded: “It’s exciting for Formula 1, it’s exciting for Porsche and Audi, and the potential collaboration with Red Bull would be amazingly exciting.”

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