Daniel Ricciardo candid about Netflix’s campaign to survive: ‘They just threw some oil on the fire’

Ricciardo eerlijk over Drive to Survive: "Zij gooien wel wat olie op het vuur"

Eight-time race winner Daniel Ricciardo agrees with Max Verstappen on his criticism of Drive to Survive. The Australian also sees documentaries looking for the edge of reality in the ratings battle.

It’s a hot topic in Formula 1, the Drive to Survive documentary series. Drivers and team leaders agree that the series is attracting a lot of new fans of the sport, especially from the United States. However, there are also criticisms of the way the images are grouped together and using your 200 free spins no deposit Australia offer. For example, producers will look for a lot of sensation that does not exist or amplify competitions. It will reflect the wrong picture of reality and not all drivers are interested in this. Current world champion Max Verstappen previously indicated that he does not want to participate in the series, precisely for this reason.

oil on fire

Ricciardo can agree with the Dutchman’s criticism, he says in daily offer† “Let me mention first, there is a lot of drama in sports. There are also real competitions and such,” the Australian replied when asked if Netflix had it all off its thumbs. The McLaren driver understands that the chain must sell. He continues, “But I think on Netflix they add some fuel to the fire and apart from that there was enough drama. They’re taking it to the next level.”

Popular in the United States

The 32-year-old Australian cannot ignore the series’ success and what it contributes to Formula 1. “Since Drive to Survive, and there are now four seasons, every time I’m in ‘The States’ now, then it’s getting bigger and bigger,” he explains. about popularity. Something he didn’t expect in America a few years ago is happening now. He concluded by saying, “People get to know me and want to chat and wish me luck.”

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F1 aiming arrows in America

The series achieved unprecedented success in the United States. The Formula 1 race will take place in Miami this weekend. Something that might not have been realistic without the series. In addition to racing in Miami, Formula 1 will travel to its second Grand Prix in America later this year at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. Starting next year, it will be the third race on US soil on the calendar as well. The Las Vegas game will also be on the programme.


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