HELPFUL HINT: Have Julian Claassen’s stories been previously produced?

HELPFUL HINT: Have Julian Claassen's stories been previously produced?

Is Julian Claassen (29) not posting any current recordings of his story? Nothing in a YouTuber’s life is the same since last Friday. Bibi Klassen’s husband (29 years old) officially announced the separation. While his wife is currently on vacation in Italy with her new flirt, the 29-year-old is spending quality time with her two children Lio (3) and emily (2). But fans discovered suspicious details on Tuesday: Share Julian Old videos offline?

in that InstagramBeda-Story Julian on Tuesday to take his nearly 6.1 million followers to eat a pie with his kids at Cologne’s trendy Burr café. In the video, Lio and Emily are audibly happy to spread chocolate sauce on an XXL muffin from a plastic syringe. However, followers caught the eye of something completely different: Next to one of the children’s hands, an iPhone can be seen on the table, which, apparently, does not show today’s date, but a completely different date – the seventh of the month.

she has Julian Did you just load up an old memory with the kids today or even plan the trip in advance for the beginning of May? not nessacary: As the smartphone is geared towards a kid, the arrangement of the apps on the splash screen hardly looks like the phone is actually being used and the look is not from the current Apple model, and it can also simply be used as a toy phone for younger kids.

The smartphone in Julian Classen’s Instagram story on May 24, 2022
Julian Clasen with his two children Leo and Emily

Instagram / bibisbeautypalace

Baby Classen May 2022 in Italy

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