HelloFresh served nearly 1 billion meals in 2021

HelloFresh served nearly 1 billion meals in 2021

Meal delivery company HelloFresh has had another year of strong growth. A year ago, its turnover more than doubled, and in 2021 the turnover was 61.5 percent higher, at 6 billion euros.

This growth is roughly in line with the growth in the number of meals the company offers in its 17 markets. That number increased by more than 60 percent to 964 million, compared to 600 million a year earlier. Ultimately, earnings of 156.9 million euros remained. This could have been higher if the company had not invested heavily in expansion over the past year. Starting in Norway, Italy and Japan, it acquired Youfoodz in Australia and opened production facilities in various locations.

HelloFresh Connect with that. For example, this year the company will launch in two undisclosed markets and will continue to invest in realizing and expanding its data platform. Because of these planned investments, the caterer is somewhat hesitant with the current year’s forecast. Business volume should grow between 20 and 26 percent this year. In addition, the total result should be between 500 and 580 million euros. In 2021 that was 527.6 million euros.

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