Hello spring, or is there still snow coming?

Hello spring, or is there still snow coming?

Today is the official arrival of spring. However, the ski season is not over yet and you can still fully enjoy winter sports. But what will the weather look like in the Alps in the coming days? Is it lovely sunny spring weather or is there still a little snow on the way? You can read it in this weather forecast!

It’s spring again

Unfortunately, winter is now officially over, and this is noticeable not only here in the Netherlands, but also in the alpine regions. As I already read last week, there is basically Sun in the program. This week the weather will once again be mainly mild and sunny, thanks to the high pressure zone that blows fine air into the mountains above mainland Europe. The frost line will rise in the coming days. Along the northern side of the Alps, the frost line rises to 2000 m and in the French and Italian ski areas up to 2200 to 2500 m. In the valleys, the weather is mild, sunny and spring, and temperatures range between 15 and 20 degrees. You don’t have to be afraid of very bad snow conditions in the shade areas. Since the supplied air is essentially dry, the quality does not deteriorate at a tremendous rate. In addition, it still cools at night and regionally it can still freeze significantly with temperatures up to -10 degrees.

A few winter showers ahead

Is it over with winter conditions? Until Thursday, the flow of warm air will continue, which will raise the frost line in several places to 2500 meters. The situation will change from Friday, when cold air will flow towards the Alps again. There is even a chance of a few winter showers falling from a height of 1,000 meters in Austria and Switzerland, but no significant snowfall. Here you can count on a few millimeters of snow and it will stay that way for a while.

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A great weekend ahead

Although the weather will be mainly sunny, mild alpine terrace weather this week, a cooler weekend is coming. A cold stream runs through the Alps, bringing the frost line back below 1,000 metres, with freezing temperatures night and morning. It will certainly get colder, but as forecasts show, this is no longer accompanied by precipitation.

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