Hear: Trump pressured officials

Hear: Trump pressured officials
internationalJun 21 ’22 15:07authorMark Van Harriveld

The United States prepares for another hearing on the Capitol riots. The focus of the fourth hearing was how Donald Trump pressured local officials to amend the election results. For example, Trump asked Brad Ravensberger, a prominent Georgian official, to provide him with 11,780 votes. Ravensberger will be the most important witness today, says America’s reporter Jan Postma.

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Four people will speak. But Ravensberger is certainly the most important, as he is Georgia’s Secretary of State, responsible for that state’s election procedures. He is a Republican who is politically close to Trump, but has said he will follow the rules even when his boss tells him not to. Then Ravensberger became the boss of Gott for Trump who attacked him so fiercely, including during the primaries, that he even campaigned against him.”

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The Democratic-controlled committee wants to show that this has happened in multiple states and that Trump has created dangerous situations and threats against local election officials with his lies about voter fraud.

The question of “special electoral votes” is also examined. In the United States, the president is not elected directly, but by electoral vote. The Trump team planned to send their electoral votes to Washington to replace the elected (but illegitimate) electoral votes. “That was for seven states, a crazy plan and they knew it themselves.” Trump’s plan was unconstitutional, possibly criminal, and because Trump may be clearly implicated in it, he may even condemn him.

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Mike Pence

The Commission still wants to question former Vice President Mike Pence, but the chance appears slim. According to Postma, Pence is a bit conservative as he contemplates his political future. However, Democratic Commission member Adam Schiff wants to hear him, if necessary, through a subpoena. The latter can also become tricky if Pence breaks it. After all, it could turn into a long legal duel. And UNHCR does not have much time.

There are also more people who would like to talk to a chef, and they are still working on it. There are still three hearings planned anyway, it seems work in progress From that committee: There could be more and it’s not clear where it will end up either.

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