Head of Telefónica Haas at the Land Department: Create your own Metaverse

Head of Telefónica Haas at the Land Department: Create your own Metaverse

KBusinesses and small businesses around the world are now operating on increasingly sophisticated virtual worlds. According to IT pioneers, more computing power, new sensors, increasing amounts of data, and faster internet transmission are creating previously unknown possibilities in this field. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg even renamed the group he led to Meta to spread his vision — at least since then, the term Metaverse is no longer an expression known only to science fiction fans.

However, there is also great concern in this technology that Germany has enough knowledge, but that commercial success may again be achieved by Internet companies from America or Asia. At the digital DLD conference, Markus Haas, president of German Telefónica Germany, warned that similarly large “special” offers, that is, services from European companies, should be presented. “We shouldn’t wait for someone else to build the Metaverse for us,” the communications official said, adding, “We have the content here.”

In Europe there is enough data and insights from sports, music and other sectors of entertainment. This is not a question of lack of funds, but above all the desire to implement something like this.


Point in time isn’t considered attractive by him just because so many new technologies are now on the same level that they flow together in Metaverse shows. This includes not only the graphic display options, which are increasingly enriched with machine learning and which make online environments more authentic. But also approaches based on blockchain technology to definitively enforce property rights online, because users can now take digital things and make them their own. Robbie Young, CEO of computer game company Animoca Brands, drew attention to this. He hopes that as a result, several similar games will also be offered, which users can switch between in such a way that they can “take their possessions with them”.

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According to his ideas, the Metaverse should mean that users no longer congregate primarily around streaming platforms or consume closed “island experiences”, as is currently the case when using YouTube, Meta, Minecraft or Roblox, for example – but instead can easily jump in Back and forth with their profiles between these offerings in the metaverse, precisely because they can secure their private properties using the blockchain.

Finally, the pandemic could have ensured that users are now more willing to engage in new, more demanding virtual worlds – because many people have become accustomed, or at least practiced, over the past two years, digitally, for example via video conferencing on a large scale. . Regarding his children, he has at times had the impression that he is headed toward dystopia, recognized computer game specialist Joost van Druenen, who teaches at New York City’s Stern School of Business. But that could have lasting consequences.

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