Video: Increased traffic controls in Suriname

VIDEO: Verhoogde verkeerscontroles in Suriname

A mixed team of Surinamese police conducted road searches at various locations in Paramaribo from Monday 9 May to Friday 13 May. In addition, the police took verbal and corrective action. A total of 1,594 compounds were examined on the different days.

121 people whose documents were not correct were written off. Of the 594 vehicles checked, law enforcement officers inspected 47 vehicles. A car and two scooters were seized and then dragged into the storage room. Eleven people settled their fines outside of trial.

Buses in Indira Gandeweg were also checked. This was performed by TCT auditors. The police have been managing traffic in Indira Gandhiweg for several days. Traffic is regulated at intersections where there is congestion by the police.

Drivers who drove without license plates had to immediately confirm their presence and were evicted. The mica plates applied to the license plates also had to be removed from the site.

Video about the controls:

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