He wears a mask in the United States, international aid in India, a study in Brazil … an update on the epidemiological situation in the world

He wears a mask in the United States, international aid in India, a study in Brazil ... an update on the epidemiological situation in the world

As France discusses its vaccination campaign and removes restrictions imposed in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, other countries, such as the United States and Portugal, took some steps towards a more normal situation on Tuesday (27 April). On the contrary, the situation in India remains critical and the crisis may have political ramifications in Brazil. Franceinfo reviews the day’s highlights.

Americans who were vaccinated were encouraged to drop the face mask outdoors

The US health agency CDC updated its recommendations and found that Americans who have been fully vaccinated against the virus no longer need to wear the mask outside unless they are in a very crowded environment.

“If you have been fully vaccinated and want to participate in a small meeting with people who have been vaccinated and have not been vaccinated (…) then the scientific data (…) shows that you can do so safely, without a mask.”Rochelle Wallinski, director of the CDC, said.

The agency had no doubt whether the mask could be used indoors or for unvaccinated persons. In addition, his recommendations are not binding on many states, which will continue to lay down rules that will continue to determine whether or not a mask should be worn.

Portugal ends state of emergency

I have decided not to extend the state of emergency. “He announced in a televised speech to the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, justifying his decision to improve the epidemiological situation. After two months in detention between January and March, Portugal now has an average of 500 new positive cases per day, and there were no virus-related deaths on Monday.

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In effect since November, the state of emergency ends on Friday. The next and final phase of the government’s plan to liquidate begins next Monday, including the return of public events.

International aid arrives in India due to lack of oxygen

The first shipment of Medicaid One Briton – 100 fans and 96 oxygen concentrators – arrived in the Indian capital Delhi on Tuesday morning as the country faces an outbreak of infection and a lack of oxygen with dire consequences.

Nine UK air containers loaded with medical supplies will be shipped this week. Paris will also send eight oxygen production units, oxygen containers and respirators during the week.

Washington will send components to produce vaccines, protective equipment, rapid diagnostic tests, or even ventilators.

In Brazil, a commission will investigate with the Bolsonaro government

An investigation committee of the Brazilian Senate has begun its work and will monitor for at least 90 days how the government and President Jair Bolsonaro act in the face of the pandemic.

His track record could be devastating a year before the presidential election. Only four out of eleven members of the parliamentary committee are considered close to power. Jair Bolsonaro has emerged in limiting the crisis, especially by refusing to confinement, wearing a mask, physical distance, and even vaccinations.

If it concludes that crimes of negligence or even corruption have been committed, the commission may submit its report to the Public Prosecution for possible prosecution against one or more members of the government.

The French were not allowed to enter Iceland

Unlike some countries that have reopened their doors to tourism, Iceland now bans entry to its territory to travelers from sixteen countries considered regions with a high risk of pollution, including France.

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