Have aliens evolved into intelligent machines? This theory explains it

Have aliens evolved into intelligent machines?  This theory explains it

Thinking aliens are not like usYes, with an organic body and a thinking mind It’s very difficult, but a new unscientific theory is spreading on the Internet, pThe Oasis holds something a little obvious that everyone refuses to admit. If anyone can overcome these gruesome distances and borders that are part of this universe will be nAda is more and nothing less than robots.

Many scientists wonder if the famous “biosignatures” we look for in every planet, system, or galaxy are wrong targets, because we’re looking for something of very earthly standards, without thinking that “life” has evolved in very unexpected ways.

Perhaps you are looking for ways of life that do not exist. Photo: special.

Aliens could have turned into machines

As for the intelligent and civilized life forms that could inhabit the universe, there is a hypothesis that in order to survive for a long time they had to overcome their biological form and Somehow to give consciousness to the robots, because otherwise it would be virtually impossible for an organic body to withstand years of astral travel.

In some specialized blogs on the subject, they assert that this can happen when artificial intelligence bypasses those who are “simply” alive and replaces or merges them. Fans of conspiracy theories believe that perhaps a great extraterrestrial civilization that wants to explore our solar system could be completely mechanical or it could be collective intelligence, made up of data we might not recognize or we could mistake for something else.

If you think it’s impossible, just think of yourself, most of your day and memories are stored on social media or on your computer. Many believe that our search for aliens will have to change its parameters, rethink our ideas about life and perhaps try to believe that life is not just as we know it.

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