Hava R01 test: a mini dishwasher for camping holidays

Hava R01 test: a mini dishwasher for camping holidays

Do you miss a portable dishwasher in your life? We tested Hava’s portable dishwasher for you, which can even be solar powered during your camping vacation.

Dishwasher for camping? Anyone who drives to the campsite with a Hava R01 and also ignites it with solar energy is guaranteed to find a quick connection. (Source: Netzwelt)

  • The Hava R01 mini dishwasher achieves scores with a mobile phone and economical water consumption. It can be connected with a tap or you can fill the tank manually.
  • The model is equally suitable for mobile homes and families.
  • The automatic programs dry your dishes.
  • The device is even suitable for washing fruits and vegetables.
  • We also ran the dishwasher on solar power.

For some people, washing dishes at camp with friends is simply part of life outdoors. Thinking of a portable dishwasher can seem as decadent and unnecessary as a portable bread maker.

Hava R01 (manufacturer’s photo)

On the other hand: In many new mobile homes, you can even take Thermomix with you when you travel. or ovens. or microwave oven. Many people spend the best time of the year with “escape cars” in places far from civilization. If you clean the dishes instead of washing them yourself, you will have more time for beautiful things. The lower water consumption compared to manual rinsing (5 liters instead of 25 liters according to Hava) can also be used as a method.

Hava jumps into this crevice with the R01. The 13-kilogram device, which measures 43 x 44 x 46 cm, is slightly larger than the Jackery 2000 Pro solar generator we tested, which we also used to run the dishwasher for this report without any issues.

design and processing

The first impression of the dishwashing assistant, which currently costs 349 euros (here for example on Amazon), corresponds to the product images of the manufacturer. It is a high quality and well made device with a modern look. The glass part and the backlit sensor button on top contribute to this. However, the latter is difficult to decipher in direct sunlight, which can be annoying.

Hava R01 in daily tests

The scope of delivery includes cutlery basket, fruit/vegetable basket, inlet and outlet hose and jug for manually filling the inner water tank. The brief operating instructions provide sufficient information in understandable language.

Hardly any installation effort

We can take away your worry about the complicated installation of your Hava dishwasher. You can put the device on the work surface or put it in the camper, filling five liters of water; It practically beeps when the maximum fill level is reached. Then you add a dishwashing detergent of your choice (we used traditional tabs) and select a program using the sensor button. Been completed. Soiled rinse water is drained into the sink or into an available bucket via a pre-installed hose.

If you frequently use rinse aid at home, you can alternatively use the supplied hose to set up a permanent connection to the faucet and drain. Just like a traditional permanently installed dishwasher.

Washing: Depends on the type of dishes used

The camping dishwasher offers five operating modes (Normal, Quick, Soft, Baby Care, Fruit). In our testing, we focused on the normal mode. Here the water for the first time reaches 55 ° C. This is followed by a cold water rinse and a hot water rinse at 68°C. The washing process is complete after 70 minutes, followed by an hour’s hot air drying process.

In normal mode, the power consumption is 950 watts. If you want to run your dishwasher as a portable appliance or, like us, use a solar generator, make sure it can handle the high energy consumption. This is not an issue with the Jackery 2000 solar generator, as it provides a peak output of 4,000 watts. This can be different for smaller installations in camping vehicles.

LED gets in the way here: regular sized mugs don't fit in the provided shelf.

LED gets in the way here: regular sized mugs don’t fit in the provided shelf. (Source: Netzwelt)

We are very satisfied with the cleaning result. The two integrated rotating rinse arms can clean up leftover food that has dried in the sun for up to one day. Plates, cutlery, and cups come out of the machine dusted and dry. Noise emissions also remain within the permissible range with a measurement of 58 dB. However, the space inside the dishwasher is very limited due to the design. Hava has a capacity of 4 x serving bowls, 4 x cups, 4 x small plates, 4 x dinner plates, 7 x spoons, 7 x forks and 7 knives.

However: the space provided by the cup manufacturer, for example, is too small for normal sized bowls in reality. In addition, the internal connected LED lamp prevents the placement of bulky objects. The lamp would be better off elsewhere.

Unfortunately, very few pans and utensils are suitable for a small dishwasher. This is unfortunate, because these are perhaps among the most unpopular aquarium creatures. We consider the possibility of washing fruits and vegetables a great bonus. Here it takes 20 minutes to complete the program. A fruit basket is provided for this.


The Hava Mini Dishwasher is suitable for small families who are tired of washing dishes by hand and for which a larger dishwasher is not an option. On the go, the R01 turns into a true “glamorous” gadget. Who brings their dishwasher to camp? If the electricity is then generated by the mobile photovoltaic system itself, the debate over electricity consumption is also reduced. Decide for yourself: Is a portable dishwasher missing in your life?

You can find more highlights of the 2022 camping season here on Netzwelt. We were also on the way for you at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf bringing you the best mobile home and tent innovations of the year.

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