Halle Berry is “sad” over the death of “BAPS” actor

Halle Berry is "sad" over the death of "BAPS" actor
Desel Reed, who starred alongside Berry in the beloved 1997 comedy film BAPS, died of colon cancer on Monday. She was 53 years old.
Perry posted a clip on her verified Instagram account of the movie showing her and Desselle Reid hugging while on the character.

“I am in total shock. Absolutely heartbroken. I will need a minute,” Perry said.

Written by actress Troy Bayer and directed by Robert Townsend, the film revolves around two Georgian women who have ventured to Los Angeles to try to raise some money to open their own business.

Perry also posted a series of photos of Desel Reed, writing in the caption that Townsend “has facilitated our divine connection by uniting us in roles that will change our lives and affect our culture for future generations.”
The caption read: “I am forever grateful for that moment. Natalie was one of the most valuable people I have ever known.” “The second time I met her, our hearts were intertwined – we had a connection that was simply inexplicable, and she remained her kind nature the whole years I knew her.”

Decil Reed has appeared in several other projects, including the 2011 Tyler Perry movie “Madea’s Big Happy Family” and the TV comic series “Eve”.

Perry wrote that Decil Reed “could never dim its light and was contagious.”

“Natalie was the representative of real black women, not what is seen as the black woman,” Berry writes. “Because she has often been underrated, overlooked – deprived of the platform she truly deserves. But her light continues to shine through the people who grew up watching her, the people who know her well and those who love her.”

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