Half-classroom unvaccinated elementary teacher infected with delta formula

Half-classroom unvaccinated elementary teacher infected with delta formula

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An unvaccinated California elementary school teacher has infected 26 people with the coronavirus, including half of her students. The parameter went to work even though she had a delta variable between the members. Although she showed symptoms of the disease, she still came to school for two days and taught without a face mask. Infection parallels classroom layout: all students closest to the teacher are infected.

The infection actually occurred in late May and early June this year. The investigation into the outbreak is now complete. The teacher in question was one of the two unvaccinated teachers in the school. Despite showing symptoms, she continued to teach without a face mask, even though school regulations required it. The woman continued to work until she finally took a test that turned out to be positive. During a press conference about pollution, the local CDC director (American RIVM) complained about the teacher standing in front of the class without protective gear:

Time and time again, evidence shows that multi-layered prevention strategies – such as vaccination for all eligible children and adults, masks for all students, teachers, staff and visitors, ventilation, distancing and testing – are necessary to stop the spread of Covid in schools. appearance.

The research again shows not only how infectious the delta variant is, but also that the non-immunized population has little chance of not being infected. This also applies to children who are too young to be vaccinated. After the investigation was completed, CDC chief Tom Frieden said: “Delta is so contagious that we have to step up efforts to keep schoolchildren safe. This means that teachers, other staff and all eligible students must be vaccinated. And everyone must wear a mask. .

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The outbreak is expected to be a reason for many schools to introduce mandatory vaccinations, as is already the case across the country in a number of New York school districts. That would have made little difference to the California elementary school students themselves, all of whom are younger than 12, the temporary minimum age for vaccination in the United States. Under these guidelines, the same teacher should not be allowed to go to school without being vaccinated.

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