Hadopi no longer forgets Internet users who have shared IP addresses

Hadopi no longer forgets Internet users who have shared IP addresses

A major flaw in Hadopy will be plugged in more than 10 years after its release. From January 1, the authority will no longer forget Internet users who use a shared IP (also called a braided IP). At the beginning of the year, NextInpact revealed that approximately 30% of files are sent to the trash each year due to this “bug”. This prevents Hadopi from being able to correctly identify the IP holder, and thus from sending him a first warning.

2015/2016 Activity Report. Credit: Hadupee.

Due to the lack of IP addresses, some ISPs may resort to address pooling. To determine which is which, it is then necessary to specify the source port number. Problem: This has not yet been reported to the authority. Internet users using a shared IP address were unable to receive the first “graded response” email from Hadope, and thus fell through the loopholes.

Hadopi did not spot the problem, because it was already mentioned in 2015 in a report and then mentioned again in 2019. When Hadopi was launched, the practice of IPs basket-weaving was less prevalent than it is today, while there were many uncertainties surrounding its sustainability. Authority: All of this undoubtedly played a role in this lack of corrective action. It took 11 years (!) and the merging of HADOPI and CSA before a decree was passed in the Official Gazette.

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