Ella from Germany is looking for a cozy home in Winschoten or the surrounding areas

Ella from Germany is looking for a cozy home in Winschoten or the surrounding areas

Winschoten – This January, dozens of exchange students from all over the world will fulfill their dream by immersing themselves in Dutch culture and customs for a while. Also Ella from Germany who will spend her dream year in Winschoten or the surrounding area. Exchange Travel Active is looking for an enthusiastic host family who can provide them with a warm home until the summer vacation of 2022.

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Exchange to Holland
Ella participates in the Netherlands high school exchange program for Travel Active. High School Holland’s Travel Active program offers international students the opportunity to become a part of Dutch culture by giving them a home with a Dutch family and allowing them to attend high school here.

Cultural exchange is not just an adventure for foreign students. The host family also learns about the culture and ideas that the foreign student brings! The cultural exchange program provides a unique opportunity to discover other cultures, traditions and languages, especially at times when we are unable to travel.

Who is Ella?
15-year-old Ella from Germany is a social and athletic girl. Her favorite sport is hockey, and she trains in it three times a week. In addition to this, she and her family do many sports activities such as golf and skiing. Ella has a dog, two cats and three horses at home, so she can take good care of animals. Don’t wait for the German student to start the exchange and take up poffertjes for the first time! “The Netherlands is a real country of hockey and my favorite sport, so the choice of which country to go to for the exchange was made quickly!” Get to know Ella better! View her profile on the Travel Active website.

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Ella follows a group of adventurers who have already expanded their horizons in the Netherlands. Like Clara from Brazil and Willa from the United States. They have now completed their high school year in Holland and had a great time here. “I really enjoy my exchange in Holland and that’s partly thanks to my host family. We do a lot of fun things together and I feel like I’m part of their family,” says Clara. The American Willa says that staying with a host family is a special and unique experience. “I experience real Dutch life up close. From cooking to warm Friday evenings on the sofa. At the same time, my host family also learns a lot about my culture and customs. So it is a real exchange.”

Who offers Ella a comfortable home in the Netherlands?
Young or old, single or a family with children? Anyone with the right intentions can be a host family in the eyes of Travel Active.

During the exchange, the host family and the student are supervised by a so-called local coordinator. This supervisor is a mainstay for schoolchildren and host families. The local coordinator also helps to learn about Dutch culture, for example by organizing local excursions. Travel Active organizes events for students and host families, so they can get to know each other and share experiences. Acceptance of a foreign student on a voluntary basis. The host family provides food and accommodation. Other costs for a student account or Travel Active.

Have you become curious about Ella, other international students and/or the High School Holland programme? For more information, please contact the Highschoolholland [email protected], call 085222 4810 or visit the website: www.travelactive.nl/high-school-holland.

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