Hacker attacks are on the rise – steiermark.ORF.at

Hacker attacks are on the rise - steiermark.ORF.at

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Personal data is becoming increasingly valuable, and hacker attacks are more frequent. A team from the Graz University of Technology is now working to discover vulnerabilities in computer systems at an early stage and close them to criminals.

In Feldbach, work is currently underway to reduce the damage caused by a hacker attack. Such attacks are not isolated cases: the theft of data in global computer networks and its release only for ransom is becoming increasingly interesting to criminals. Cyber ​​security expert Stefan Mangaard and his team at the Graz University of Technology are working to identify vulnerabilities early and close them to hackers. According to Mangaard, hacking crimes are becoming more and more organized.

Data for ransom

Specifically, according to Mangaard, there are several groups of hackers. One of them deals with finding software vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities should later help take over computers. Another group specializes in specifically picking companies, attacking and eventually crippling them by encrypting their data. Another group will take over here, according to the IT expert. You are negotiating a locked data ransom.

double digit growth

In the event of such a hack attack, the entire IT system must definitely be set up again. “Because even if the ransom is paid, after the data is decrypted, it is not clear whether the attackers left something behind and will be back in a few months,” says Stefan Mangaard. So the whole game can start over, the damage is inevitable.

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Hacker attacks are increasing, in recent years there has been double-digit growth. The most common way for hackers to get into the system is by clicking on someone else’s attachments in emails or using unserved computers.

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