Growing concern in the United States about the Coronavirus “British variant” –

Growing concern in the United States about the Coronavirus "British variant" -

Washington (ANP) – The spread of a new type of Coronavirus in the United States is of great concern among experts. This contagious variant has now appeared in two states: California and Colorado. Getting Americans vaccinated now is not going as smoothly as hoped.

Experts warn that the new variant, which was first identified in the UK, is making it all the more necessary for people to be vaccinated on a large scale. However, the authorities have acknowledged that far fewer people have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus so far than were originally intended.

The New York Times reported that the meter showed 2.1 million people were vaccinated last Monday morning. They had a first dose. “We understand that this number is less than we had hoped,” said a science advisor from Operation Warp Speed, which deals with vaccine development and distribution. The goal was to vaccinate 20 million people this month.

Also in other places

According to the newspaper, scientists estimate that under current conditions, at least two million people a week need to be vaccinated to prevent the healthcare system from being unable to cope with the stress. It is feared that the further spread of the British Coronavirus will lead to more hospitalizations and deaths.

This variant has since been discovered in a 30-year-old man in San Diego County (California). He would not have left the United States, and therefore must have contracted the infection in his country. In Colorado, a National Guard soldier working in a nursing home in the town of Shimla was injured.

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In the paper, the epidemiologist said: “There is no reason to believe that this community is private in any way.” “It’s quite reasonable to assume it’s in many other places as well. We haven’t looked for it yet.”

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