Greetings from Mars. NASA spacecraft took off and sends out pictures

Greetings from Mars.  NASA spacecraft took off and sends out pictures

It’s been two weeks since a robotic spacecraft landed on a red planet. The mission of the car is to search for traces of microbial life in the ancient past, but also to perform tasks related to preparing for future expeditions of people to Mars.

The path ahead of the robotic probe persevere.

Another task of the motorized vehicle is to explore a crater called the lake and search for evidence of past life nearby. For this reason, it will have to cover 15 kilometers in the next Martian year (nearly two years on Earth).

Scientists want to find a number of rock formations in the crater that it is estimated that data on ancient biological activity can be preserved, according to the BBC.

But before embarking on this challenging journey, an experiment is required. In the coming weeks, NASA will focus on attempting to take off with a small helicopter brought from Earth.

The vehicle will spend the next few weeks driving from its current position to a suitable portion of terrain, where it can land safely with an innovative helicopter. NASA hopes the view from above will bring new information.

“Since the landing, NASA’s largest and most advanced spacecraft has examined every system and sent thousands of images from the mouth of the lake to Earth,” NASA said in a statement.

You can first see the parachute hatch and then approach the planet’s surface. Finally, the rover itself can be seen. The descending part of the landing gear takes off on three ropes, and after landing on the reconnaissance vehicle, it flies to a safe distance.

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