Grand Theft Auto 6 launch date, latest leaks and new features

Grand Theft Auto 6 launch date, latest leaks and new features

After the success of Grand Theft Auto 5 on computers two years after its initial release, however, Rockstar Company will follow the same path with its new release, Grand Theft Auto 6, due to the success of the previous version and the online version on computers. The game announced the release date of the new version of the game, which is Grand Theft Auto 6, which is long-awaited by players on various gaming platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation 5, according to what was circulated by specialists that the company started early development of the game and some sources from the company confirmed that it will be released. After the year 2022 to markets and stores around the world.

Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks

Some new leaks revealed that the next version of the Grand Theft Auto game, which will bear the number 6, will include for the first time in the history of the game a female in the starring role, and the first female and male heroines will be in the novel, since its first release and the game’s hero was male.

Some leaks also say that the game will be in a period of time dating back to the eighties in the city of Los Angeles, and one of the workers on that version stated that the game will include two male and female heroes only in the next version.

The release date of the new version of the game

A media reporter issued a report about the Grand Theft Auto 6 game, which includes that the game has already been developed, but it is still in the initial stages of development and will be launched in a medium size. Plenty of time to show up.

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Some had expected, as in the leaks, that the game would be announced in 2022 or 2023 at a minimum, but when one of the players asked Tom Henderson, the well-known news leaker about the date of its release, he denied all these rumors, which means that we will wait some years until the announcement is made. and officially released.

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