GPL Software Explorer Patcher restores features from Windows 10

GPL Software Explorer Patcher restores features from Windows 10

From Valentine Sattler
With the open source “Explorer Patcher” software, you can make Windows 11 look like Windows 10 again in many places. For example, you can use the tool to bring back the start menu, taskbar, and program switcher from Windows 10.

Anyone who has already moved to Windows 11 with their own system may lose some well-known functions from Windows 10, such as the old Start menu, which was completely revised with Windows 11 and moved to the middle. There is a cure here in the form of open source software patcher explorerwhich unlocks some older features in Windows 11.

Old and new features

With the latest update, Explorer Patches, licensed under the GPL, supports all versions of Windows 11 up to and including version 22000.556 released last week. It also looks good for more support in the future, because Explorer Patcher has been available since the release of Windows 11 and has been constantly developed since then.

To install Explorer Patcher, the exe file can be downloaded from Github and run. The program then does the rest of the work by itself and brings back the well-known start menu from Windows 10. The tool can then be used for further configuration. The Start menu is available, for example, in the old Windows 10 design or with rounded corners from Windows 11, and the “Recommended” section can also be hidden with the program.

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The developers also promise other customization options beyond the start menu. For example, you can use the program to bring back the old taskbar, choose between program changer (Alt + Tab) from Windows NT, 10 and 11, and adjust the display of search popups. On Github, you can also find many other small changes that you can use to adapt Windows 11 to your own requirements. For users who are not satisfied with the new operating system, Explorer Patcher offers plenty of options to downgrade your system a bit more to Windows 10.

Source: via Computerbase

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