Google will introduce an Android feature that warns you to stay on your phone when you go

Google will introduce an Android feature that warns you to stay on your phone when you go

On the pedestrian walkway, on the stairs, on the subway, on the train, on the bike, on the wheel, on the bathroom, on the throne, at the wedding, at the funeral, in the memorial, in the operating room, during childbirth … the phone is indispensable About him we have got to develop an unhealthy obsession with the most precious thing in our pocket. You might not be on the phone non-stop, but definitely at its smallest beep, Subconsciously, most of the time on the go, check notifications to see who sent you the message. You want it, you don’t want it, you use the phone to pass the time, and if you end up pressing it even while you’re walking, it’s horrible …

The irony is that the giant who enslaved us with the beauty of Android phones, and who recently made hounds with SmartTags, offers us a function that does just the opposite, telling you once again to leave the phone in your hand and keep your eyes on the road! It has a suggestive name – Heads Up – and is currently in beta, to be featured in Google’s Digital Wellbeing group.

Google and Android take care of your physical safety

You don’t have to be an aerospace engineer to understand what this Android feature is all about. Be aware of its presence in your life, leave it to the Lord and expect heads to scream at you when you walk down the street writing letters or do someone who knows what. Kind of “Hello, eyes on the road. Kiss the pole or stumble upon something and fertilize the asphalt with your face.”

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And no, I can’t hear you protesting. Yes, I know the pandemic doesn’t really give us freedom to walk much, but going to the store next door to the building can also be dangerous if you wear light shoes and aren’t careful on the road. Heads Up is currently offered on Pixel smartphones that have installed Digital Wellbeing, but it will make room for the rest of the Android models, so don’t worry.

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