Google updates its maps with the help of users

Google updates its maps with the help of users

The new feature is very similar to the method of using the “lines” tool in the “Microsoft Paint” program for Windows operating systems, as it enables the user to correct the roads already on the map, as well as add the missing ones.

On this feature, information technology expert Dr. Osama Mustafa says that the Google feature, to be launched in the coming months, is not completely new, but rather existing, but updates will be introduced to it, explaining: “Google Maps used to allow the user to draw roads and define points for himself only, but after the launch The new feature will share what the user draws the routes with the public. “

Google will after sending corrections and additions from the side of users, examining them for accuracy, and verifying that they conform to reality.

Regarding the mechanism that Google will adopt to verify these maps, Osama explains to “Sky News Arabia”: “The methods will be approved after confirmations from more than one user.”

For his part, communication and media technology expert Ayman Salah explains this audit mechanism by saying: “The user will have to draw the map himself, and identify points that are of interest to more users, and Google will have to verify the validity of that data through other users who do the same work, Accurate information and data are fully approved. “

And about why Google launched such a feature, Osama says that the goal is “to keep up with the updates that the roads are witnessing everywhere, but without costing the company a lot of money if it decides to make road updates through its employees.”

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Ayman believes that the reason behind Google launching such a feature is the company’s desire to increase people’s dependence on Google Maps more and continuously like other social media platforms, which have become attracting huge numbers of users daily, and thus achieve huge profits.

Osama believes that the new feature improves the mapping service provided by Google and increases the number of Google users. In his opinion, he is the first goal of the updates that the company launches from time to time to ensure the loyalty of its users to it and increase their numbers in the future, and then achieve more profits.

Ayman expects that the new feature will contribute to “revitalizing small and medium businesses that are not very popular. After applying the new feature, they can determine the path and location of their access on the map, and then more people will know about it. The same applies to unpopular tourist places that are expected.” To witness more momentum with the launch of the property. “

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