Google Pay: This is the new Android app – rebooting with Google Wallet changes the payment system (screenshots)


It has long been known that there will be another reboot of Google Pay And now things are going in quick succession: a few days ago the new logo and new name appeared and now there are several screenshots. The reboot will be under the familiar brand google wallet Google Pay is part of the whole.

google pay logo

From a European perspective, it wouldn’t be necessary to restart Google Pay, but since the GPay adventure has failed in the US and some other countries, one has become necessary. As it stands, this will likely include both versions and give Google Pay a new overarching brand under which all solutions related to the payment area are summarized: google wallet back again.

The new name and new wallet logo only came out a few days ago, and there are now screenshots of the new app that finally seals everything. Google Wallet will focus on replacing users’ wallets and offering payment solutions, tickets, reservations, affiliate programs, loyalty cards and more under one roof. There is something like this already in Google Pay, but this will likely be cut short by these functions.

Google Pay will be part of the new product and will continue to handle mobile payments. With this solution, it will be possible to significantly increase in this area without having to change the simplicity of Google Pay much. Just take a look at the following screenshots of the Google Wallet that has appeared now.

New screenshots for google wallet 1

New screenshots for google wallet 2

It is very likely that the new product will be introduced in a few days. Since both Pay and Wallet are part of Google Play Services and they managed a very broad and almost simultaneous roll out to almost all smartphones. The payment function is already available to most of the users and other things like tickets or reservations are read back from GMail. It remains to hope that the reboot of the wallet will actually serve global standardization and not make it more complicated.

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