Google offers a virtual credit card and more privacy tools

Google offers a virtual credit card and more privacy tools

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According to Google, the software company will love them aggregate as well as data Protect its users better and more efficiently. With this in mind, Google owns I/O as part of its developer conference Multiple tools Advertised, through which Google users * More possibilities to do so.

First of all, it’s about them Google account security and the Protection against phishing emails. On the other hand, with the help of artificial intelligence, Google wants to be more accurate in determining whether emails are trustworthy or phishing emails.

Yellow alert icon for Google accounts

On the other hand, Google will introduce a new layer of security. For example, in the future, Google users will be warned if they behave suspiciously Yellow warning sign on profile picture an offer.

If this icon appears in the profile picture, it means that there are violations that require action by the user – for example, if there are New login On a still unknown device or something similar.

A more secure future without passwords

Moreover, Google is intensifying its efforts towards wider coverage Multifactor authentication want to force. Just a few days ago, the group announced that a Password-free future Works.

virtual credit card

For Google Pay payment service, a virtual credit card to be created. This means that the default Google credit card has been switched between the seller and the customer. A virtual credit card cannot be used outside of Google Pay and is primarily intended to prevent credit card abuse.

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This is a must aggregate as well as Safety of users are better protected because the online store never sees the actual credit card of the user. At the same time, the virtual credit card of Better user experience Because this means you no longer have to type in long card numbers or enter your 3-digit card security number.

It must be a virtual credit card Later this year become available, according to Google. It will also be a service for Google users Free He is.

Control of the advertising algorithm

For example, anyone who sees an ad on YouTube will have more choices in the future Advertising Profile Control. As explained by Google at I/O, this is done via a new menu item where you can decide whether or not you are interested in a particular ad.

In the future, you can also use this menu item to access your advertising profile. there will be Many personal parameters Listed, such as age, gender, relationship status, education, hobbies and more. All these parameters can be changed by users in the future can be modifiedTo improve the accuracy of ads.

“We want to give users more power over the algorithm,” she said in the presentation. Access to the new advertising profile will be Later this year Unlocked – worldwide. However, this target group profile is only applicable to Google services and Google apps.

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