Google Messages: Messenger forgets camera – error makes users’ smartphones hot


Messenger users google messages You may have noticed increased battery consumption and more smartphone usage in the past few days. In fact, a bug in Messenger is to blame, and it is not easy to detect at first glance: Messenger forgetTo turn off the camera and query its live image all the time, as well as in the background.

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Google Messages features camera integration, as is the case with many messengers. With this integrated mode, you can take a photo directly in Messenger, which can be sent instantly and does not have to be saved to the gallery beforehand. This can be very useful and usually works without much hassle. But for some, this function had a bug that made the app simply forget to close the camera.

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After taking a photo or video, the camera image disappears, but the application continues to query it. This means that the camera is active without interruption, so some algorithms to improve the camera image are doing their job all the time. This was noted with increased battery consumption and a significantly warmer device. However, it was only detected by the security function of Android 12, which provides information about the use of the camera by Messenger.

Google has not yet commented on the issue, but there are two simple solutions: either exit the app entirely through the Task Manager, or revoke the camera’s access permissions entirely when it’s not in use. The update probably won’t be long in the future.

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