Eight free bands at the indie record store party; Return of Record Store Day | Arnhem eo

Eight free bands at the indie record store party;  Return of Record Store Day |  Arnhem eo

ARNHEM – The number thirteen may be seen as an unlucky number, but this is not significant for independent record stores in the Netherlands. Tomorrow is the 13th edition of Record Store Day, the first time since 2019 that this party can be celebrated the old-fashioned way, including several free shows.

In Arnhem, Kroese and Waaghals stores are involved. All of them have four free shows planned, for example by Anne Soldaat, Money & The Man and Boogie Monster. What is remarkable is that Claw Boys Claw is among the record boxes in Kroese. The Amsterdam squad, which has been on Kroese chief Henk Visser’s wish list for years, plays Koningsdag in Arnhem.

Record Store Day (RSD) was once designed in the United States to encourage independent record stores. They have had a hard time due to digital advancement, illegal music downloading, and streaming services like Spotify. Record stores perished in droves, also in the Netherlands, which were linked to “RSD”.

The day is traditionally dominated by vinyl, which was dying after the introduction of the CD, but it has made an unprecedented comeback in recent years. LP is hip again. The Netflix series cannot do without a record player and well-stocked recording cabinet. On record store day, special and exclusive editions are released, often on colored vinyl.

It is no longer necessary to draw attention to the phenomenon of LP. Because of the high demand, even its production is now at risk. Presses can’t handle it, and there’s a shortage of vinyl and even cardboard for the covers. Partly for this reason, for example, the release of Live At Godvishal 1984-1990 DIY or Die (Volume 2) has been delayed by six weeks. The record will now be released at the end of May instead of mid-April.

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Day program record store in Arnhem

12:30 PM: Claw Boys Claw

13.45: Boogie Monster

4 pm: We are fishermen

1 p.m.: Money and a man

Anne Soldt will perform at Waaghals Store in Arnhem on Saturday, April 22nd at 2pm. © Free

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