Google Maps: Fuel saving methods begin in Germany

Google Maps: Kraftstoffsparende Routen starten in Deutschland
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After launching in North America, Google is now bringing Google Maps fuel saving methods to Germany. In the settings, users can select if alternative routes with lower fuel consumption should be suggested. The new feature also works with electric and hybrid cars.

Fuel saving methods in Germany will be introduced with immediate effect and will be available to all Google Maps users on Android and iOS in the coming weeks. Google already announced the new functionality in fall 2021 and initially introduced it in North America. In the USA, the advantage has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by half a million tons.

Quests for fuel savings rose sharply

Due to the high prices of raw materials, the topic of “saving fuel” is becoming increasingly important to many users in Germany, as determined by Google by evaluating the search query in the past six months. From January 1 to July 11 this year, German users’ search queries on this topic were “Save petrol or fuelBy 338 percent compared to the same period last year.

Alternate routes with similar arrival times

The new routes are displayed as an alternative to the fastest route on Google Maps and are supplemented with information such as fuel savings and difference in expected arrival time. In addition to the length of the route, Google also includes other factors such as the steepness of the road and traffic jams in the calculations. On the other hand, nothing has changed in basic navigation, so that Google Maps doesn’t suddenly suggest significantly longer roads or roads that meander along small side streets and through residential areas in order to save a minimum amount of fuel. Google Maps will suggest fuel-saving routes when arrival times are similar.

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Alternative route in detail
Alternative route in detail (Photo: Google)

Select the engine type in the settings

Users can select if alternate routes should be suggested at all in the app’s settings, which also provides the option to use only the fastest route. Additionally, preferences can be used to select the type of engine your vehicle uses in order to improve lane steering. In addition to gasoline and diesel, there are electric and hybrid cars to choose from. If you use different cars on different days, the engine type can be quickly adjusted via the track options.

Select the type of engine
Select the type of engine (Image: Google)

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