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Bigger innovations are waiting for you again Google Chrome In front of the door, which should be rolled out to all users over the next few days: this includes the one that was first seen a few months ago Chrome Trips, which should sort the archives by subject and also make them accessible via the address bar. The new feature will also be available in German from the start.

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Browser history is certainly not one of the most interesting pages for many users, although it is full of all URLs accessed and can contain tens, hundreds or even thousands of URLs accessed depending on usage. It’s no secret that this can’t be really obvious. That should change with the new area Chrome Trips The change should be displayed as an additional tab at the top of the history. In this, the visited sites are summarized by topic.

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There are likely to be groups of topics that the browser recognizes and then populate with the pages visited. Pages visited should be listed according to their relevance, depending on how often they were called and how often they interacted with the page. Topics should also be available via the address bar and presented there. You just have to wait and see how everything will be usable after the subtraction. It’s definitely useful, but I personally don’t see users using this as a real place to go.

Note: It’s probably no coincidence that positional sorting overlaps a bit with new topic tracking for use in future advertising.

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