Google Chrome: A new, top-secret browser redesign is coming soon – it’s likely to be a well-rounded thing


users Google Chrome Not only can you look forward to the new version 108, but also to the materials you update, which should bring a new color to the browser and Chrome OS. But that’s probably not all, because in 2023 they are working on a redesign of the browser “top secret, not at all intended for the public.” This looks like a really round thing.

chrome os material design 3

With Material You, Google will adapt the color scheme of the browser to the dominant colors of the background image, just as we have known it from smartphones since Android 12. But that will not be all, because next year they want to take more steps to adjust the design of the desktop version of the browser slightly. Knowing that evolution is being noticed, they now mock it.

Google Chrome super new redesign

In concrete terms, it is probably about the fact that the buttons and input fields should be rounded a little more to match the new design of smartphones. Since many elements are already slightly rounded today, this shouldn’t have much impact on the overall presentation. Especially because the vast majority of websites today create their own designs. In order to mock themselves and the leak watchers a bit, the project is now referred to as Top secret, not intended for the public at all..

Maybe something bigger is coming, but I assume it will only be baby steps in 2023 and the real top-secret redesign will be developed behind closed doors 🙂

[Chrome Unboxed]

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