Google chips for artificial intelligence: Google’s new technology.. the invention of chips that can think faster than a human

Google invents a new technology to make a man complete his work in a matter of hours. Google develops chips based on artificial intelligence. These are made based on machine learning. What is technology? Let’s see how fast those AI chips are compared to the guy Google has been making for the past few years based on machine learning. The search recently began for the first commercial product. This new technology is brought to the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) that Google uses to optimize the computation. Scientists say it is very useful for the development of artificial intelligence. The Google team is experimenting with increasing the number of transistors on chips without increasing their performance. Google’s algorithms mostly deal with floor planning. Human designers use systems to research the silicon disk layout of chip subsystems. It has a CPU, a GPU, a memory cycle.
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These are kilometers of small wire. Designers are interested in where to place any component in this order. This position increases the speed of the slide. The Google team discovered that it takes a lot of time for people to do the design of this floor. However, it was decided that machine learning would speed up the process. Scientists have been saying for days that there is news coming about artificial intelligence that is already showing performance beyond humans. It is known that the performance of artificial intelligence in games such as chess exceeds humans.

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The Google team hopes that AI will map the ground for this computation as well, faster. Part of this is providing ground training with tens of thousands of chips for the learning algorithm. In this sequence, the algorithm is trained to identify good and bad floor plans. During board games, it became clear that AI systems do not think like humans.

AI is advancing the latest possible idea for them, even the familiar easy height. Google AI also behaves in terms of floor plans. There are many differences between men’s floor designs and artificial intelligence floor designs. Google scientists say this will definitely lead to a change in speed. As mentioned earlier, the AI ​​chip completes the task in six months.

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