Google and Oracle data centers closed due to heat wave

Datacenters Google en Oracle vallen uit door hittegolf

The current heat wave is causing disruptions to UK data centers in Google Cloud and Oracle. Cooling systems in data centers could not handle the sharp rise in temperature, which resulted in service failures.

Yesterday, record temperatures above 40°C were measured in the UK. The outside temperature has caused cooling system failures in Google Cloud and Oracle data centers. The two companies had to temporarily suspend certain services due to the disruptions to prevent further damage.

Cooling down

Google Cloud has announced that cooling problems in a data center building in the Europe West 2 cloud led to Compute Engine, Persistent Disk and Autoscaling failures. Many virtual machines have been terminated. The tech giant notes that this has resulted in a number of machines losing a limited set of customers.

Many services have since been fixed, but some hard disk volumes may still have I/O errors. Customers experiencing issues with this are required to connect to Google Cloud.

Oracle is in trouble too

Oracle has also identified problems with its data centers in the UK. There was a malfunction in the cooling system in the UK South (London) data centre. These cooling issues have led to failures in network infrastructure and services such as infrastructure cloud storage, infrastructure compute, infrastructure object storage, and integration.

Oracle also immediately began restoring services. Services are now fully online again. Oracle is currently working on fixing the operating temperature of various servers and resolving the impact of outages on service.

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