good news! Now the smartphone will alleviate the problem of cataracts, find out how this will be helpful. good news! Now the smartphone will alleviate the discomfort caused by cataracts, learn how it will be helpful

Good news, now the smartphone will relieve you of cataracts, and find out how it will be beneficial (now the smartphone will alleviate your eye problems)

The good news is that smartphones will now provide relief from cataracts

Mumbai : In general, smartphones are always considered harmful to health. It has the most harmful effects, especially on the eyes. But now the smartphone itself can be useful for many eye problems. Researchers claim that early symptoms of cataracts can be detected through these smartphones, helping to prevent blindness and serious eye problems. (Now the smartphone will alleviate eye problems)

Glaucoma is a disease of the visual system. The disease affects 7.96 crores of people worldwide. If left untreated, it can have dire consequences. In most cases of glaucoma, blindness can be prevented with appropriate treatment and control. Glaucoma is associated with high levels of intraocular pressure (IOP). In such a situation, if a person’s IOP is followed properly, it helps preserve their vision.

Soundwave can help

The sound wave used in the ambulatory measurement method helps in detecting increased amounts of IOP, which will help in early detection of disease and treatment will begin accordingly soon. The study, published in the Engineering Report, found that scientists at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom successfully conducted their experiment using a sound wave and an eye model.

What did the university director say?

“We found the relationship between an object’s internal pressure and its sound reflection coefficient,” said Khamis Issa, director of the university’s Advanced Manufacturing Group. After studying eye tissue and sound wave response, we found that smartphones can be used to determine IOP while sitting at home. (Now the smartphone will alleviate eye problems)

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