Fantastic Solos Anna Van Der Bryggen to Win at Omloop Het Nieuwsblad | Cycling

Fantastic Solos Anna Van Der Bryggen to Win at Omloop Het Nieuwsblad |  Cycling

Kylie Watreus (women’s multi-account cycling team), Claudia Longerius (Team Shuvalmier) and Elizabeth Bennett (Drops-Le Col) took care of the early separation. Partly due to stopping in front of a closed intersection, the three contestants had a lead of nearly five minutes at the start of the race. The peloton was torn into two pieces under SD Worx beech work at the start of the mound. The victims were not nauseous: Anime van Floten, Lizzie Dienan, and Ellen Van Dyck all had to exaggerate the matter.

In Tiegemberg, with more than thirty kilometers to race, Demi Vollering decided to throw a bat into the chicken coop. The Dutch kicked everyone off the wheel, forcing SD Worx and teammates like D’hoore to close down. The other big women’s camp, Lev Racing, took the lead for Belgian heroine Kubicki in pursuit.

Turn on the wall

The Dutch leader, who had completed her preparations in Switzerland, led by half a minute. But, of course, she used the singles for couple Muur van Geraardsbergen-Bosberg. Elisa Longo Borghini continued walking quickly down Geraardsbergen, so Vollering soon felt her jump came too early. Kubique took the reins with world champion Van der Bregen on the hunt for Borghini, who stopped on gravel. A leading group of dozens of horsemen formed as the wall sank.

The busy Longo Borghini jumped away from the others again at Moerbeke, and fellow Vollering and Pieters sneaked in. And behind them, a group that includes Dehor has rejoined. Everything melted together on Bosberg. Time for Van der Breggen to shake the many trees along the way. The world champion took about ten meters on a very strong Kopecky.

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Impressive list of achievements

Van der Breggen is the world champion in road racing and in time trial, so getting her back turned out to be an especially difficult task. Even for a group of about twenty women with a lot of leading women.

Van der Bregen at Ninov has another victory over her impressive record. Her teammates Magirus and Peters sprinted to second and third places.

“It was great to win this way. I enjoyed it,” the winner said at the end. “Both team were still there and it was agreed that we would always try and did when Demi was brought back. I kept knowing that if it didn’t work out there was a team behind. We also had a Jolien D’Hoore for the enemy. The last piece of headwind was … It’s still very challenging, but now I’m really enjoying this last Omloop victory. “

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