good morning. Suspect denies interference and animal news

good morning.  Suspect denies interference and animal news

Interference dismantling is canceled. Inspection agencies and youth authority do not see the plan in which the Salvation Army, Brides and the William Schrekker Foundation will intervene. There will be many risks to the children. Possession is also a bit too realistic, tangible, and complete. There is a shift to the scenario in which the Western youth protection takes charge of the intervention.

If you’ve been walking your dog in Zeeland Nature Reserve at Staatsb Glosbeheer from March 15th, you should pay attention now. Except for a few pieces, you have to keep your four-legged friend tied. If you do not, you may be fined one hundred euros. This national directive is now also being implemented in Central New Zealand, and is already the case elsewhere.

The saltwater crocodile that ate Erica’s husband from Zerekzy is still on the minds. Andy, Erica’s Australian husband, did not return from fishing in Australia last week. His boat was found with the crocodile next to him. The animal was killed and Andy’s remains were found in its stomach. According to Ad Bom, Director of Reptile Zoo Iguana, it wasn’t necessary to kill the animal.

Erica’s niece, Monique Stott of Zierikzee, raises money to allow Erica’s sisters to travel to Australia.

Among the many animal news, the following should not go unmentioned. Sheep graze on a piece of grass near Dao, among 240 poplar trees. Ten pieces, and most recently a lamb. Repair Director Willem Stahl found the good news.

Poplar cleans the soil, but the grass they stand on should be kept short. The sheep do that. Meanwhile, they seem to have time for other things.

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the weather:

There are a lot of clouds this morning with little clearance, during the morning there is also a chance to take a shower from the south. It will be mostly cloudy in the afternoon with little or no sun, and especially in the later afternoon, there is a chance of some rain. The maximum temperature is 9 to 12 degrees and the wind increases: it becomes very strong or strong from south to southeast. Fridays are dry with sunny periods and around 9 ° C, and on weekends it is very sunny and mild, with temperatures around 15 °.

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