Arno from Nieuw-Weerdinge starts a card campaign for his sick son Jason (3)

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Arno Louwes from Nieuw-Weerdinge is starting a card campaign for his 3-year-old son Jason. On February 28, Jason will celebrate his fourth birthday. This will likely be his last birthday, as he suffers from Lee syndrome and is getting worse.

“I want to make Christmas as big as possible,” says Louwes. “It would be great to let him shine and see the happiness in his eyes.”

Maps from all over the world

The show invites people to send birthday cards to Jason. The call is answered en masse, because the Louwes family has already received thousands of tickets. “Yesterday we had 2,500 cards already, and this morning the postman carried four more boxes,” Louwes says. “It’s great to know how many people have sent a ticket. They really come from all over the world, like Spain, Switzerland, Canada and France.”

The cards are reviewed several times a day with Jason. “We cannot show him all the cards, because they are so intense. But when we read the cards together, you can see that he is enjoying them. It means that the campaign has really succeeded.”

Mail would take a special place in Jason Snoozel’s room: a space designed so he could relax properly. “There are a lot of cards hanging on a rope so he can look at them from his waterbed.”


Lee syndrome

Both Jayson and his one-year-old sister Chloe suffer from Lee syndrome. “This is a metabolic disease that affects the brain a lot,” Louwes says. “The disease affects the brain, so it can be less and less. It doesn’t work well, but it is different every day.” Both children have short lifespans due to illness. The family tells about the disease and the children through one Private Facebook page.

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