Golfers have chosen the best golf courses in 15 countries •

Golfers have chosen the best golf courses in 15 countries •

Leading Courses is Europe’s largest golf course review and tee time booking platform. Golf selection rankings were first published in 2013 for golf courses in the Netherlands. A lot has happened since then with rankings in 15 countries and 8 categories this year. However, one thing has remained the same over the years, which is the classification that is published in countries and categories only if they are reliable.

Golfers’ Choice

When Leading Courses was founded in 2007, the goal was to help golfers gather information about golf courses and help them make the best choice in their search for the next golf course they want to play.

Since 2007, has received over 325,000 reviews of golf courses worldwide. These ratings are a unique source of the insight and driving force behind golfers’ choice ratings. Simply put, these ratings are the choice of golfers. It is best to decide whether the golf course or club belongs to the list of better golfers who have been there themselves.

Golfer selection ratings are not limited to golf courses only. The overall impression of the golf club, maintenance, value for money, hospitality and facilities are also taken into account. Every time a golfer writes a review about a golf putter, he is asked to rate (from 1 to 10) on 9 different items:

● general impression
● golf course
● Maintenance
● Utilities
● club
● Value for money
● Hospitality
● environment
● Restaurant

The Courses algorithm calculates a weighted average based on the scores given for each of these assessment components. This algorithm also takes into account the rating status (steel, bronze, silver or gold), how recently the golfer has played the club, the completeness of the rating, and the number of times the user has evaluated the course to determine which level the rating rating is to be calculated.

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The best golf courses in 15 countries

When a golf club collects enough ratings (and most importantly, points), it is eligible to be included in the leaderboard. To ensure that reviews remain relevant, their value is reduced over time. Rankings are only published for countries where the leading courses have enough rated courses for a reliable comparison. This year, the rankings were created in the following 15 countries: Austria, Belgium, Curaçao, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Mauritius, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.

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Make your vote count

Is your favorite golf course not in the rankings or do you think it should be higher? Courses invites all golfers to write comments about courses in their country or in any other country in which they have played. In addition to affecting the ratings, you can also keep an online diary of all your golf experiences and have a chance to win great prizes every month.

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