Gold Reading Tip: “Get up at 5 AM” | right Now

Gold Reading Tip: "Get up at 5 AM" |  right Now

Starting a successful business involves trial and error. Fortunately, there are plenty of books on business that can help you out the most. at Golden Reading Advice Tell entrepreneurs about the book that brought them the most. This week, Alex Malone, founder of Meetings in the Sun, an online platform for remote control for work.

  • Entrepreneur: Alex Malone
  • a company: Meetings in the sun
  • Reading tip: Hell Week: 7 days that change your life By Eric Bertrand Larsen

At first it looked more appealing than it had been, as he cruised around Australia in a Land Cruiser while keeping the action going. It took a while for Alex Malone and her boyfriend to work out a rhythm. Then they can enjoy the freedom to work remotely, away from the strict regime of the office job.

“It turns out that Larsen’s method was the starting point for finding my own rhythm.”

Alex Malone, Oberichter Meetings In The Sun

Before that trip, Malone worked in advertising. She wanted something different, quit her job, sold her home and booked a ticket to the other side of the world. Since so many people wanted to know how she combined work and travel, she founded Meetings in the Sun.

Why did you choose this book as a golden reading advice?

“For years, I’ve been trying alternatives to the traditional nine to five workdays. It turns out that Larsen’s method was my starting point for finding my own rhythm. It was a chance to find out what works for me.”

What does Hell week look like?

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“You wake up every morning at 5 in the morning for a week and go to bed before 10 pm. You eat healthy and exercise for an hour a day. Every day has a theme. Monday is about habits, for example, Tuesdays around focus and Friday around rest. Thursdays.” Spend the night. “

This sounds cumbersome …

“Since you wake up so early, you get a lot of the day. On top of that, you learn to work when you are most productive. This is especially important for creative tasks. For example, I always write in the morning. After lunch I am less active and need outside things To keep working. Plan dates like this in the afternoon as much as possible. “

“The rhythm of nine to five interferes with the necessary flow of creative work.”

Alex Malone, Oberichter Meetings In The Sun

Isn’t that the same as ‘just’ splitting up tasks throughout the day?

“The rhythm of nine to five interferes with the necessary flow of creative work. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the burnout states could be traced back to a strict rhythm in which people work against their energy balance. Hell week’s program is also difficult, but it helps get out of your comfort zone.”

Are you still waking up at 5:00 AM now?

“After reading the book, I did this for eight months. Now I don’t set my alarm anymore and wake up when I wake up. Sometimes it’s 4.30 in the morning, sometimes 5.30 in the morning or 7.30 in the morning. In the end, it’s not a matter of waking up early, but to find the rhythm of work and living That suits you. “

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