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Google email service gmail He quietly celebrated his eighteenth birthday a few days ago and finally grew up. Since processing emails is still a time-consuming task, Google published ten simple tips a long time ago that can be used to improve your daily email work and save a lot of time. Most of the tips are very general and therefore can also be used on many other platforms.

Several years ago, Google introduced some innovations in email traffic with GMail, which not everyone loves, but which have long become indispensable. Although Google did not invent solutions such as conversation view, very powerful spam filters or email archives, they made a significant contribution to their creation. But as a user, it is also in your hands to improve the handling of emails and save a lot of time with simple methods.

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Some time ago, a Google expert posted ten simple tips on the Google Blog that can be used to improve the use of emails in everyday life. Most of these tips apply to email in general and not directly to GMail, so users of all other platforms can take advantage of them as well. Below you will find the translation of these tips without any evaluation on my part. Some things may seem overkill at first, but if you think about it a little longer, you can definitely glean some valuable tips for dealing with digital mail.

  1. Reduce notifications: Don’t get distracted by too many email notifications, but check your inbox yourself regularly. Use your smartphone to find out only important emails and hide all incoming unimportant messages. For this tip, the new feature that was introduced only a few days ago, with which notifications can only be shown on one device, is also used.
  2. Reply within 24 hours: You probably won’t be able to respond to all emails within 24 hours, but you can avoid receiving reminders from impatient coworkers. Just answer briefly and say you will take care of it and answer later in detail. This takes the pressure off you.
  3. Close inbox: Emails are indispensable in many workplaces, but they can also be very distracting (see point #1). Quite a few people check their email every 30 minutes or more. When you’re working on an important task, close the email tab so you can focus and focus better.
  4. Do not open an email more than twice: If you read an email and mark it as unread, you will have to open it again later and read it again. Instead, label it like “Reply this week” or “Reply this week” to get context and see what it’s all about faster the second time around. (Note: You can also write keywords as an answer and save it as a draft)
  5. Sorting, reading and replying should be separated: Lots of people read, sort, and reply to emails at the same time – although concentration can drop very quickly. Instead, separate these activities and do one task at a time. Arrange everything and then answer everything.
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  1. Keep only those emails that require action: When you have too many junk emails in your inbox, it subconsciously indicates that your mind is too busy. Instead, leave only important emails in the inbox and delete, archive, or snooze all others. be “tough”
  2. Skip junk emails: Each incoming email consumes a small portion of your energy, so only important emails should be in the inbox. Create filters in GMail and use them in such a way that unimportant messages such as newsletters skip the inbox and are not displayed there. If you have time, you can always read or browse through it later.
  3. Mix of unread and unread emails: Confusing read and unread email is a recipe for confusion and anxiety. Instead, separate them neatly into multiple inboxes, which you can easily create with GMail. You can also create stickers and add a special tag like “ToDo” or “Follow” to emails you’ve already read.
  4. Stay focused and hide new emails: If you are replying to important emails, you should not be distracted by new emails. To do this, open an area for your favorite or deferred emails and work through them instead of having your inbox open in the background. This keeps your focus high and prevents you from getting distracted by new emails.
  5. Use the search function: Sorting and categorizing emails for organizational purposes is helpful, but don’t get stuck in it. Remember how Google started: with search! Use the search function to find emails instead of browsing endless lists of stickers. GMail offers you many operations of the search function with which you can quickly find the right email.
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