ALUCOBOND® | black box, netherlands

ALUCOBOND® |  black box, netherlands
Project: Black Box, Groningen | Holland
Architect: team4 Architects, Groningen | Holland
Manufacturer and installer: BV Metaalbouw TSV, Nieuw Buinen | Holland
Facade system: special designed tray panels
Establishment year: 2021
Product: ALUCOBOND® PLUS Premium Oxidized Alugold 01
Photos: Photography by Gerard van Beek and Peter de Roig

ALUCOBOND®’s premium gamma oxidizer gives the Groningen ‘black box’ a stunning facade image

The “de Zwarte Doos” building, known in Groningen, was designed in 1976 by Van Linge & Kleinjan as an office building. After transformation, the complex will contain 300 townhouses with multifunctional spaces at the base. The addition of champagne anodized frames and ALUCOBOND® aluminum piers to the distinctive facade elements in black pebble concrete gives the facade an eye-catching appearance.

Until 2013, the well-known Groningen building “de Zwarte Doos” served as an office for social services. Architecture firm Van Linge & Kleinjan put the original design on paper in 1976 in the form of a structure with traditional office proportions, featuring an impressive facade of distinctive black pebbly concrete elements, which gave the building its nickname.

It recently underwent a transformation into a student residence with 300 townhouses and 1,500 square meters of multifunctional space at the base of the building, designed by Team 4 Architects. Conventional office sizes from 1976 turned out to be very suitable for use with apartments. The facade has also undergone a facelift. The typical facade elements of black pebbly concrete have been largely preserved. They only had to make room in the corners to create diagonal spaces in the apartments. Other faceplates and all frames have been replaced with new champagne aluminum frames and aluminum poles from ALUCOBOND®. With this choice of materials, the design team was aiming for a new flexibility of the facade with a smaller cadence that better suited the new residential programme.

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New Premium Anodized color palette

For the exquisite facade design, Team 4 Architecten has chosen a product from the new Premium Anodised range of ALUCOBOND®, in matte Alugold 01. Previously the manufacturer offered only products with a painted finish, with or without surface structure, thanks to the new Premium Anodised range including Also on materials with an anodized top plate. The special color spectrum ranges from oxidized naturals, golds and coppers to dark shades with matte or glossy finishes.

Strong and versatile oxide layer

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that transforms a metal surface into a decorative, durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant oxide layer. The aluminum oxide (patina) layer is fully incorporated into the primary aluminum. The ordered porous structure allows for additional processes such as staining.

Some of the advantages of this concept are high abrasion resistance, scratch free and maintenance friendly, no color aging, high reflection value and a lasting life of up to 80 years.

Great design freedom

Depending on the surface treatment, textures vary from rough and rusty to glossy and polished. This results in a distinctive texture with versatile light reflection. In short: a facade material with excellent product characteristics, a variety of surfaces and colors, which provides architects with great freedom in the design of the project.

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