GLPO technology boosts oil production in Jabung Block

GLPO technology boosts oil production in Jabung Block

Jakarta (Antara) – SKK Migas reported the use of the technology Gas lift package is off (GLPO) has succeeded in increasing the production of Jabung Block oil in Jambi.

The technology has revitalized the Marmo-1 well, a feature of heavy oil, which has been out of production since early 2019, Julius Wiratno, deputy operations officer for SK MEGAs, said.

With the implementation of GLPO, primary production We got 278 barrels of oil per day (BOPD).”

Julius explained that the successful implementation of GLPO at the Marmo-1 well had a good impact on the contribution of PetroChina Jabung Ltd (PCJL) to national production and production.

The company then expanded programs and additional programs for the other three wells that faced different production challenges from the Marmo-1 well, namely SB-D6 with Initial production gain 141 BOPD, WB-D15A with Initial production gain 59 BOPD, and North Harvest-1 with Initial production gain 554 BOPD.

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Currently, GLPO technology is an alternative activity strict which can help increase production.

The advantages of this technology include simple installation without the use of a drilling rig and flexibility in the placement of gas injection points.

Lesson learned One of this activity is the willingness to try new things to see opportunities and potential to increase production.

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“The success of the technology trial in PetroChina Jabung can serve as a reference for other Contract Cooperation Contractors (KKKS),” Julius said.

SKK Migas will continue to monitor GLPO’s performance and will be evaluated for possible implementation on a larger scale, so that the technology is able to optimally contribute to production.

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This GLPO technology is implemented according to the following scheme: There is no treatment without pay, that is, losses will not arise if there is a failure to apply the technology due to non-payment of any fees.

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