Global Entry: Express entry to the US for Dutch travelers

Global Entry: Express entry to the US for Dutch travelers

Good news for travelers with a Dutch passport who regularly travel to the United States: With their Global Entry membership, they can take advantage of an automated and fast border pass at more than forty major airports in the United States.

Avoid queues and save time

From June 28, 2022, frequent travelers with a Dutch passport can also enter the United States automatically and quickly. With a Global Entry membership, travelers simply register at a Global Entry kiosk upon arrival in the US and are soon on the road again without paperwork and long wait times.

In short: The Global Entry Program provides the opportunity to arrive without worry after a long flight in heavy airport traffic.

How it works?

The Dutch and US governments have entered into an agreement to facilitate Global Entry membership for Dutch citizens. To this end, a facility has been created at the request of the Ministry of Justice and Security through which membership of the Dutch Global Entry Program can be facilitated.

The US authorities are responsible for the entire Global Entry membership process. The fully automated Royal Netherlands Marechaussee facilitates only a small part of the application process, the background investigation.


The application process is simple and starts on the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website. This website contains more information about applying for membership in the Global Entry Program and the general terms and conditions that apply. Membership fee for the US Global Entry Program is $100 for 5 years.

Travelers should ensure that they can receive messages from the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee in the central government’s message box, so that they can give online permission to start a background investigation.

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