Broadcaster wants to bring Filipino nurses to Holland

Broadcaster wants to bring Filipino nurses to Holland

Photo: ANP

The recruitment agency OTTO has signed a deal with Cardinal Santos Hospital in the Philippines. This cooperation will enable the company to bring Filipino nurses to the Netherlands in the short term to relieve pressure on healthcare.

It was agreed that Filipino healthcare staff interested in working in Europe for a maximum period of five years could receive special training in Dutch and German hospital care. They will then be prepared by the hospital in the Manila region for the language, culture and way of working here.

According to the OTTO, Dutch hospitals are eager to receive nurses. Due to an aging population, there is an increasing need for care while, according to the broadcaster, fewer and fewer people are choosing to work in the healthcare field.

OTTO does not comment on the number of Filipinos who may be brought to the Netherlands in the future. The Philippines is a country known for recruiting nurses. In the United States, for example, Filipino nurses have been working for decades.

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