Gio Urshela heroes help save Bullpen and Aaron Boone as the Yankees advance to counter the hated rays in ALDS

Gio Urshela heroes help save Bullpen and Aaron Boone as the Yankees advance to counter the hated rays in ALDS

The Yankees paid $ 324 million to Gerrit Cole to take part in the first game. They paid much less than that – $ 25,000 to the Blue Jays on August 4, 2018 – for Gio Urchila to play the title role in Game 2.

Urshela is beyond just a good story at this point. In fact, he might just be a star. Over the past two seasons, the 28-year-old has scored 0.881 OPS while playing in addition to defending in a hot corner.

On Wednesday night, Urshela scored in the fourth inning of the Grand Slam, starting to save the 5-4-3 double-play match with a full extension dip in eighth place and fueling the green light in the ninth round by scoring one goal his shoe.

“It was one of the best matches I have played in my life,” Urchila told reporters in Cleveland.

His contributions – along with those of many others on the list – saved Aaron Boone shaken and his leaky revolt, as the Yankees found a way to sweep the Indians on the Wild Cards Tour, winning 10-9 in what was the longest nine runs in MLB history: 4 hours 50 minutes .

It was so long since it started in September and finished in October. Bombers had to knock out the final twice.

Now it’s the Yankees-Rays at ALDS. Fasten seat belts.

With the Red Sox approaching in the 2020 campaign, the Yankees needed a new competitor.

Soon they found one on the Rays – and the hate was real.

The truth is, it has been brewing for years:

Head hunting. Revenge. Threats. Kick. Suspension.

The Yankees Rise had it all.

On the field, however, Tampa was the dominant team, leading 8-2 against New York en route to the surprising and number one AL East title in the Junior Circuit.

Well, the Yankees would have their chance to take revenge on their hated rivals in the ALDS in San Diego.

One team is advancing. One team going home.

However, for a moment on Wednesday night, it seemed that the bombers might have to play a do-or-die 3 game Thursday night.

Somehow, somehow, it just didn’t happen.

Chad Green, Zach Britton, and Johnny Lewisega all falter in high-profile relief situations. Boone’s decision was questionable.

Green conceded the equalizer to Jose Ramirez in the fifth game. Britton gave in for two straight runs and nobody scored in the seventh game – both runners scored when Jordan Loblow hit a two-stroke hanging ball from Loaisiga to score another two goals in the second half.

With Masahiro Tanaka lasting more than just four rounds – partly due to MLB’s inefficiency in forecasting weather causing unavoidable delays, and partly because of his simply lack of objects (six runs in six strokes) – Boon was against it. Tommy Canel (Tommy John surgery) was not available, and he clearly does not trust Adam Ottaveno (5.89 IRA).

So Boone tried to steal some points with Loaisiga. But his first post-season debut was a disaster. After allowing Wasega to face the first two hitters of the eighth – both of whom arrived – Boone finally brought Aroldis Chapman, who immediately allowed an RBI single to Cesar Hernandez, giving the Indians a 9-8 lead – the first since 4–1 Cleveland in the fourth.

But the Yankees didn’t finish. Not with Urshela setting to prevent Indians from putting any locks on the board. And not with the full squad rallying against Cleveland near Brad Hand – a rally fueled by Giancarlo Stanton’s lead and 0-2 singles from Urshela.

Gary Sanchez recorded sacrifice fly, while DJ LeMahieu – who else? – The green light RBI hit single in the middle with two commas. In fact, Chapman had to get four points in the ninth game – after Sanchez couldn’t handle a triple kick in an unconventional one-knee position – but he did.

Just like this, exhale.

After making it seem really easy in Game 1 – Destroying Shane Bieber – Team Yankees made it look really hard in Game 2. Fortunately, both Sanchez and Stanton appeared who took a lot of harm, each coming at a critical time. As a team, the pitchers drew 12 gait.

Now comes the hard part, trying to top the promo trio of Tyler Glasnow, Blake Snell and Charlie Morton.

Cole styled to hold it. But after Tanaka’s usually intense fights in the second game, the rest of the rotation is uncertain. The powerful squad has scored 22 shots, but the trapped Bulls feature one reliable option for Chapman. And Boone never fully excelled in his in-game tactics. Luke Voit’s lifting of runner Tyler Wade in a two-stroke game could have chased the team.

But it didn’t. The Yankees survived. The rays are on the horizon. Two hated competitors vie for the top five.

One team is advancing. One team going home. Fasten seat belts.

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