Gift 10GB / Month Mobile Internet and 4G Wireless Router, perfect for country homes and trips

Gift 10GB / Month Mobile Internet and 4G Wireless Router, perfect for country homes and trips

The Extra Trio program is better with faster home internet, extra TV and on other TV and mobile internet and lower subscription – this is a new offering from Crnogorski Telekom intended for those who choose this service by the end of April.

Telekom has made a gift of mobile internet with a capacity of 10 GB per month, which is flexible and easy to transport, ideal for country homes or excursions, for all users who choose the Extra Trio package during this period.

L and XL users, in addition to a GB SIM card suitable for smartphones and tablets, get a 4G WiFi portable router that can connect up to 10 devices.

After consuming the number of gigabytes, users can continue browsing by activating additional convenient options.

A lower monthly subscription of € 14.49 for a period of 3 or 6 months, users who have become so during the promotional period are expected, a 6-month discount if they are new users of the Internet or Extra TV, or a 3-month discount if they are new users of both services.

In addition, users of the Trio package during this campaign receive free add-ons to boost their home Internet speed, up to 40 Mbps for vDSL technology and up to 500 Mbps for optics, depending on the technology available on the site in addition to the Extra Trio Packs.

New users of L and XL packages can expect free equipment and additional TV subscription for another device during the contract, so that they can enjoy TV content in multiple rooms in the same home.

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The promotion is valid for new Extra Trio users as well as those who decide to extend the contract until the end of April. 4G internet routers are available until stock is out of stock.

Details of the new offer can be found at


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